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The World Is Your Stage.

Feel the power of your passions. But why do it alone?
Whether it's martial arts or painting, traveling or sports,
eating or binge watching shows. Everything is better if done
with like minded people.

Find specially curated hangouts based on your interests or
create your own. Never be alone again.

Do More Of What You Love

With an easy and clean interface, Rendevoo is the best place to kill boredom and connect with people from
around the world.

Social Experiences

People are tribal and need social connections. Create social bonds in a pub or at a tech summit. Let your passions power positive relationships.

Find your Soulmate

Love is hard to find...Or is it? Not anymore. Find your soulmate, why not give it a shot and you never who's out there waiting for you.


Create everlasting friendships. Whether while traveling to a far off place or eating at a corner food joint you love, kill the boredom and make friends for a lifetime.

Hobby Mates

From book clubs to pottery classes, from dance sessions to crossfit trainouts, from cooking classes to learning to play guitar. Find people to join you and fuel your creativity.

Travel Buddies

Never travel alone again! Find a travel buddy(s), share costs, make memories that last a lifetime and tick off that bucket list you have been planning for so long.

Need a professional boost?

Network, learn a new professional skill, invite people for mock presentations, seek career advice or collaborate with other entrepreneurs.

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